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Quality Medical Services will provide uncompromising quality service to the customers and patients we serve.  We will never lose sight of the fact that the ultimate consumer is OUR patient, and OUR products and services will affect that patient every day.  Our dedication in providing Quality services to our customers will come first, last, and always.

Serving North Central Iowa since 2004 with the goal of providing customers with innovative product solutions and superior customer service.  The QMS team has well over 100 years of combined Home Medical Equipment and service experience.

We are a full-service durable medical equipment company that has built an outstanding reputation in our communities.   At Quality Medical Services, we genuinely strive to provide the highest quality healthcare products and services for our patients.   We are in constant pursuit of new and better ways to help support patients and families along the path to health.   QMS is devoted to delivering the most reliable and trusted options to ensure that patients caring for their health at home, obtain the products that best meet their needs. 

QMS often comes into the picture when our patients and their families are focused on managing a transition in care, a new care setting or a new therapy regime.  Our experienced team operates with compassion and efficiency to ensure that our patients and their family members are comfortable with the equipment, therapy and products they will be using.

When you choose Quality Medical Services, you are choosing to work with a company filled with compassionate and caring healthcare experts who are dedicated to your health and happiness.  The family environment at QMS leads to a higher level of service and a staff that is truly dedicated to ensuring your experience exceeds expectations.  

We believe “Our Customers come first, last and always.