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Do you provide a loaner while my equipment is being repaired?

At Quality Medical Services, we are committed to providing customer service that puts us miles ahead of the mark.  Our knowledgable technicians have the experience and training to repair even the most complex equipment from leading manufacturers.

Service and adjustments are inevitable with certain equipment and our goal is to give our clients peace of mind and convenience promptly in their time of need.  We also offer emergency service and provide temporary back-up equipment in qualifying situations.  Choose Quality Medical Services for our caring service and affordable rates. 

Service & Repair FAQ

How much is an estimate to repair?

$60.00 (Collected up front / Non Refundable) this is for patients who received their equipment from another provider or patients who paid cash for their equipment.  

What is your labor charge to repair?
Mon-Fri $60.00 per hour 
Weekend Charge $100.00 per hour
 that starts when employee leaves their house - paid upon completion of work.  This is for services not covered by insurance or items patients paid cash for (Example: Stair Glides, Vehicle Lifts, Scooters, Power Wheelchairs).  This fee includes customers of ours or other providers.  (Weekend service is up to employee on call if they go out)

Do you provide a loaner while my equipment is being repaired?
If loaner piece of equipment is given out to a patient while their item is in for repair a one month loaner rental will be charged to their insurance if appropriate or a fee will be charged to the patient and paid up front.​

​What about a Warranty Repair?
Parts will be covered and labor charge same as above.

Can you repair my equipment if I didn't purchase it from you?

If customer received their equipment from another provider and we cannot get the appropriate documentation from the previous provider all services will be paid in full by customer when completed, ABN will be signed, and we will file a claim to insurance on behalf of the patient with no guarantee that they will receive payment.​